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NBSR Treadmills for Home,Two-Wheeled 330lbs Weight Capacity Silent Treadmill Folding Shock Running, Supine, Twisting, Draw Rope 4-in-1 Mechanical Mini Walking Machine

Non-electric treadmill, no power, mechanical walking machine. The mechanical treadmill drives the flywheel according to the inertia of the footsteps. It does not need to be plugged in. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is fully foldable and easy to store without magnetic radiation, and it is safer without occupying space.. Suction cup base, stable upgrade.. Flywheel protective cover, safety pedal, rear cover, safety upgrade.. Multifunctional in one: adjustable armrests, sit-ups, twists, walking. Inertial double flywheel, double flywheel weight inertia allows you to run more smoothly and run better, thick material will not let you have the illusion of stepping empty steps..

Price: $165.00

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