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GYMAX Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Fitness Running Machine with Large Screen Monitor, 12 Preset Program, Multimedia App Control, Free Installation Home Gym Treadmill (LED Screen)

Multifunctional Entertainment System: The treadmill is equipped with multimedia interface and high quality speakers, which enrich your entertainment and increase your interest in exercise. Besides, the 10'' large HD touchscreen can be connected to the internet and play media for additional entertainment.. Pre-installed 64 Modes & 12 Programs: 64 running modes are pre-installed to meet your requirements. You can choose mountain trail scene, high-altitude roads scene and urban parks scene as needed or create your own. More, the 12 customized mode allows you to set a suitable exercise program for better fitness effect.. High-definition Touch Screen with Multiple Apps: Compared with other ordinary LED control panels, our large wide-angle color touch screen offers you a great visual experience in data monitoring and video enjoyment. You can get all necessary data in real time, such as time, speed, calories, distance and heart rate. It also equipped with start stop system for smarter operation. Built-in apps let you entertain and browse social media.. Powerful 2.25HP Motor & Safety Guarantee: 2.25HP superior motor is powerful yet ultra-quiet for long-lasting service life and smooth running, which allows for speed from 0.6-7.5mph. Combined with the durable steel frame and shock-absorbing running belt, the treadmill has excellent performance in load bearing, safety and comfort. And the safety key allows you to stop the treadmill when you lose control.. Hassle-free Folding for Easy Storage: For easy storage, the portable treadmill with easy folding design to suit all kinds of small places. You can either store it in the corner, living room small apartment or under the bed..

Price: $139.99

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