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Stepping LCD Display, Household Hydraulic Treadmill, Multi-Function Treadmill Exercise Machine, Sports Weight Loss Hydraulic, Household Installation Free Mute,Orange

▶Humanized design:According to the principle of pyramid load-bearing and stable design,the 270-jin load-bearing thickening increases the high-carbon steel tube,and the tail adopts anti-skid technology.The arms,shoulders,biceps and neck are all trained by training belts.The swing stepper defines your legs,hips and hips.. ▶LCD display screen:The LCD display screen can easily measure the calories of the dashboard,and the only equipment with accumulated exercise data will be added to the stepper.It is convenient for athletes to master the burning time,frequency and calories,allowing you to exercise easily.. ▶Convex anti-skid foot pad:a stepper that performs foot massage during exercise.PP foot pedals have multiple bumps,so during the whole exercise,the feet should be comfortable and firmly fixed in place.The bump presses and stimulates the corresponding acupuncture points on the sole of the foot,so as to achieve the effect of massage and fitness.. ▶All-round exercise:Vertical and horizontal pedaling exercises are ideal for tightening the waist,legs,thighs and hips.You can also use the pull rope for effective upper body exercises,with a stepper and full-body exercise equipment.. ▶Stability and safety:The stepper with swing function is stable,quiet and requires no assembly at all.Non-slip pedals provide perfect grip during exercise.No additional foot massage is required without training shoes..

Price: $164.99

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