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Oval Machine, Commercial Household Fitness Equipment, Indoor Stroller, Small Folding Treadmill,Black

[Digital monitoring&low noise] Intelligent stepping will record your steps and your exercise time, and calculate the calories consumed. The mini stepping adopts advanced metal materials for transmission, and the noise is less than 40dB, which does not disturb yourself, your family or neighbors.. [Multi function LED display] The swing step is equipped with LED display, which can clearly record the exercise time, exercise frequency, calorie consumption and total count, so that you can understand the exercise situation and reasonably organize the next exercise plan. You can exercise scientifically and effectively, which is very convenient.. [Meet your needs] Let you train your arms, chest, back and shoulders while training your legs. In the process of exercise, stepping will bring you more challenges, which can effectively exercise the muscles of the whole body. The antiskid pad can be placed under the treadmill to effectively prevent skidding and isolate noise.. [Suitable for the whole body] The exercise stepper has a good weight loss effect, such as training abdominal muscles, waist lean, hip lifting, and leg lean, which can help you quickly create an S-shaped curve and make your whole body move.. [Hydraulic drive system] The European standard hydraulic cylinder system on the mini stepping allows you to enjoy aerobic exercise in a quiet environment without disturbing others. High quality rubber material and fine polished high carbon steel make the noise of walking shoes as low as 40 decibels..

Price: $220.99

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