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Electric Treadmill Household Elderly Leg Upper and Lower Limb Trainer Fitness Bicycle Equipment,Black

Ergonomics: elliptical trajectory in line with artificial law, more in line with ergonomic design. The focus of exercise is not on the knee to reduce the injury to the knee.. One machine can be used for multi-purpose body exercise. The whole body can move with the help of a rope. The rehabilitation effect is better. The legs can exercise at the same time as the arms can exercise at the same time;. Do you want to have a healthy body and perfect body easily at home? Use our mini stepper to help you exercise muscles and burn calories.. Intelligent LED display: household stool stepper with high-definition LED electronic display. It is convenient for you to master the movement status in real time during the movement process and record the movement frequency, time and heat consumption data.. Features: non-slip pedals, mountain climbing stepper pedals are enlarged and widened, and the pedals are designed with drill grooves, which are non-slip and have the effect of foot massage..

Price: $162.99

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