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2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill Walking Jogging Under Desk Treadmill with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, App Control and Led Display for Home Office Apartment

An extremely quiet under desk treadmill, this electric treadmill comes. Shock absorption and noise reduction make your running quieter, safer and more comfortable.. You can experience two ways to use. When you put the handrail up, you can work through the program button on the handrail. When the handrail is put down, you can control the operation by remote control.. The smart APP allows you to record exercise data, run with other users, take training courses and more. Meanwhile, you can enjoy melody or video with the phone stand.. Easy to track speed, distance, time and calories in real time and no need to switch the display manually during exercise. Using the remote controller to cha:nge the speed or stop the running machine.. The walking treadmill easy to set up and easy to store, and it comes with a standard transport wheel that you can move to where you want it to be..

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