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Mechanical Walking Machine :Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, Portable and Space-Saving, Suitable for Exercise at Any Time 【Non-Electric Treadmill】

LED display: display time / distance / speed / calories burned.. High-precision running belt. A selection of diamond texture running belt, anti-static surface layer, to avoid damage to the human body, diamond texture, greater friction, anti-skid and wear resistance.. Resistance wheel design. The resistance flywheel is configured, the effect is remarkable, and the movement process is smoother and smoother.. The height of the armrest can be adjusted for all ages. A treadmill that can be used by both adults and children, depending on the height. After loosening the plastic knob by hand and adjusting the height of the armrest, tighten the plastic knob.. Instantly folds to save space.Move the wheel and run it anytime, anywhere..

Price: $165.98

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