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Non-Electric Treadmill, Shock-Absorbing Folding Manual Treadmill Work Machine Fitness Exercise Home Indoor Folding Manual Treadmill, Work Machine Fitness Exercise Home Gym[Stock in U.S] (Black)

✿ Non-Electric Treadmills ✿ The treadmills non-electric function is perfect for power saving without sacrificing performance. This also allows for flexible placement throughout your living space without the need of an electrical outlet. Non-electric treadmill, no power, mechanical walking machine. The mechanical treadmill drives the flywheel according to the inertia of the footsteps. No need to be plugged in.. ✿ Shock Absorption & Resistance Wheel Design ✿ Patented shock absorption design, sports protection knee.Resistance wheel design. The resistance flywheel is configured, the effect is remarkable, and the movement process is smoother and smoother.. ✿ Easy Transport & Storage ✿ The treadmill's manual comes with detailed instruction for easy assembly; While not in use, fold this running treadmill safely & effortlessly to a corner for storage, without taking up storage space or interfering with daily issues like housekeeping.. ✿ Armrest for All Ages ✿ The height of the armrest can be adjusted for all ages. A treadmill that can be used by both adults and children, depending on the height. After loosening the plastic knob by hand and adjusting the height of the armrest, tighten the plastic knob.. ✿ US Delivery ✿ The item is fully packaged and shipped through US warehouses with speedy carriers..

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