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New 2.0HP Folding Electric LCD Display Motorized Running Treadmill for Home Gym, Motorized Running Treadmill with Speakers Bluetooth[U.S in Stock] (White)

✿ Fold-free Installation ✿ Fold-free installation, one machine design, you can immediately enjoy the pleasure brought by the treadmill, folding size: 52 x 27 x 21in (132 x 68 x 54 cm) unfolded size: 48 x 44 x27in (122 x 112 x 68 cm) Compact folding design with easy lift and transport wheels so that you can fold up your treadmill after workout and roll it away for simple storage. 3 Manual incline options available.. ✿ Treadmill Track ✿ Treadmill tread width 22.04in (56cm), track width 15.74in (40cm), runway length 41.33in (105cm), using pressure-balanced lateral shock absorption technology, running pair of shocks weakened, suitable for all ages people.. ✿ High-definition LED Eye Protection Display ✿ Treadmill with high-definition LED eye protection display, a total of 12 kinds of running programs can be selected, and it also has a magnetic float safety lock.. ✿ Bluetooth & Perfect Sound ✿ Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone in the treadmill, you can play very good sound quality music through the sound of the treadmill, and enjoy music while exercising.. ✿ Powerful Motor Power ✿ Enjoy a quiet workout with a powerful 2.0HP motor perfect for walking, jogging and running in the comfort of your own home, speed ranging between 0.8-8km/h..

Price: $319.99

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