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Multifunctional Manual Walking Treadmill, Long and Widened Version of Shock-Absorbing Mechanical Treadmill, 330 LB Max Weight[U.S in Stock] (Black)

✿ Both Directions ✿ It can move in both directions and walk backwards. Walking backwards can consume more energy and achieve better exercise results.. ✿ Foldable and Space-Saving ✿ Fold instantly, save space, move lightly, and easy to use.. ✿ Longer & Wider ✿ This is a longer and wider model for more relaxed sports.. ✿ Easy to Install ✿ Simple installation, just rotate 4 screws, easy installation, and use with confidence.. ✿ Adjustable Armrest Height & Three Grades of Slope ✿ Adjustable armrest height, suitable for all ages.Three grades of slope adjustment, different slope training with different intensity..

Price: $189.99

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