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Foldable Walking Treadmill 300lb, Non-Electric Treadmil with Shock Running Supine Twisting Massage 4 in 1, Workout Walking Jogging Exercise Machine for Home Office Under Desk with Wheels (Grey)

Multi-functional mechanical treadmill: walking, running, twisting, sit-ups, massage and other functions.. The cast steel resistance wheel design and the retarder device design provide more uniform resistance and smoother movement.. The running device (not the running belt), the patented running device design, liberating the hands, can run without the hand, the belt protection, the soft sponge, the comfortable spring, the free running, the movement is more r elaxed.. Sit-ups - Massage Wheels: Sit-ups are thickened with high-quality foam, and the middle massage wheel is creatively designed. After the exercise, you can use the massage wheel to r elax the leg muscles.. Independent twisting machine: It is beneficial to increase the muscles of the lower back, which is beneficial to improve the toughness of the waist, tighten, beautify the abdominal lines and effectively massage the soles of the feet..

Price: $89.90

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