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Ybriefbag-Fitness Flat Treadmill Household Models Small Mini Ultra-Quiet Indoor Gym Dedicated Simple Folding Walking Machine Treadmills (Color : Black, Size : 120x60cm)

Get this Treadmill and don't let the weather interfere with your training regime, Train and get fit at home with this compact and maneuverable folding treadmill.. Textured non-slip tread belt and a sturdy metal frame, this treadmill is stable for you stretch out your stride on and supports up to 100 kg of evenly distributed weight.. Providing extra challenge and burning calories more efficiently than walking or running flat; this treadmill can boost you up to 10km/h to reach your fitness goals. PERFECT HOME-FITNESS EQUIPMENT & GREAT SPACE SAVER: this foldable treadmill is perfect for homes with limited workout space or anyone who don't have time to go to gym.. ※KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WORKOUTS AND HEART RATE: with an LED display rate sensors tracking your workout progress in time, calories burned, distance, speed , which is great reference for your your workout speed and intensity..

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