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Dskeuzeew Under Desk Treadmill 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, Foldable Walking Running Pad with Handle&Phone Holder, Powerful & Quiet Walking Jogging Running Machine for Home Office (Pink-Handle)

🏃[2 in1 folding treadmill with Handle bar&tablet holder] This is a new and improved 2 in 1 foldable treadmill in 2022, multifunctional, compact, flexible, efficient, slim, and light, you can put this walking pad treadmill anywhere in your home or office. This under desk treadmill comes with a phone tablet holder, you can watch your favorite TV show, or read a book when walking on it.. 🏃[0-6.25 MPH Speed Levels] This walking pad provides 0 to 6.2 MPH speed levels. Max load up to 265 lbs, 5-layer non-slip running belt for shock absorption, and transport wheels for easy mobility, no heavy lifting or storage required when in use. This under desk jogging treadmill allows you to choose different speeds according to your physical condition and exercise. Easy-to-use exercise walker helps improve cardiovascular fitness.. 🏃[Upgrade 2.5HP Motor] Dskeuzeew 2 in 1 folding desk treadmill comes with an upgraded 2.5HP motor, which helps to reduce the noise while you are exercising and increase the bearing capacity at the same time.. 🏃[Light Weight&Compact size] Dskeuzeew walking treadmill measures 47" x 20" x 40", and the compact size of this portable treadmill allows the folding treadmill to be stored anywhere you want. Such as under the sofa, desk, or bed.. 🏃[Electric Manual Treadmill with Digital Monitor] Measures calories burned, speed, time, and distance on a large 8.3'' x 2.8" display; this electric running treadmill comes machine with a smart remote for starting the machine, speed adjustment, and data conversion..

Price: $199.99

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