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DeerRun Remote Control Replacement for DeerRun Walking Pad BA02 Type

【Perfect Treadmill Remote】 No batteries, you need to purchase them yourself. The model is: LITHIUM BATTERY CR2032. This remote control is only compatible with CT05, and other products are not compatible.. 【Easy to Operate】This remote control has a very simple control panel, through which you can control the treadmill to start or stop as well as the speed.. 【Easy to Store】It's very small and lightweight, and when you use the treadmill, it can be put in your pocket or in your hands.. 【Good Quality】The quality is very good. Whether it's a remote control or a treadmill, our quality is strictly controlled. We offer a one-year warranty.. 【Perfect customer service】If you have any questions about using a treadmill or remote control, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours..

Price: $9.99

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