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CIIHI C Portable Treadmill for Small Spaces Foldable Under Desk Compact for Home Office Apartment Electric Walking Machine with Safety Key Remote Control and 2 Wheels

Foldable Treadmill in 2 Situation - When exerciser is at home, the armrest can be rolled up to jog, due to the mobile phone can be placed on the armrest, you can exercise while listening to music or watching shows. When the armrest is folded, the compact treadmill can be placed under the table, you can walk while working.. Basically No Assembly Required & Complete Accessories - When you receive the item, only open the package, adjust the knob under the armrest, and plug in the power supply to use. Operation manual makes your use process more clear.. Portable Storage & Easy to Move - There are 2 wheels at the bottom of the 2-in-1 folding treadmill, even woman can push it to the place where her want. It can be stored under a sofa or bed with enough space, or it can be placed vertically against a wall. It will not take up too much space for you.. Find the Exercise Mode that Suits You - The self propelled treadmill has 12 preset modes. When the armrest is rolled up, the speed range of the thin treadmill is 0-7.5 MPH. After the armrest rolls down, the speed range is 0-4 MPH. You can choose the sport mode according to your comfort level.. Multi-function Display Screen - The display screen of the under desk treadmill, can display multiple functions, such as run speed, calories burned, time of exercise, distance of workout. When you exercise, you can have a better intuitive feeling of your exercise volume..

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