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CEARTRY Walking Pad 300 lb Capacity, Under Desk Treadmill with App & Speaker, Treadmills for Home, Protable Treadmill for Small Space, Desk Treadmill for Office

FitShow App & Bluetooth: FitShow app provide interesting exercise modes for your walking/jogging process, and at the end of the exercise provide data analysis and result sharing afterwards. Built-in Bluetooth speaker to connect your MP3 devices and play audio files.. Remote Control & 12 Preset Programs: The under desk treadmill comes with a wrist remote control that has an emergency stop function to make your exercise safer. Meanwhile, the treadmill has 12 programs and two modes (automatic/countdown) for you to choose from, allowing you to choose different speeds based on your physical condition and workout.. Anti-slip Running Belt & LED display: The 5-layer anti-slip textured running belt boasts a spacious running area that provides effective and safe cushioning for your knees and muscles, providing a superior running experience. The LED display shows time, speed, distance, and calories clearly to monitor your progress in real-time.. Powerful 2.0HP Quiet Motor: Equipped with a 2.0 HP high-power silent motor, the walking pad is perfect for running, jogging, and walking in the comfort of your home. The durable steel frame and multi-layer shielding design, shock absorption, and noise reduction of the treadmill under the table make your running quieter, safer, and more comfortable.. Easy to Move and Store & No Assembly Required: The built-in transport of two wheels makes it easy to move and store under the desk treadmill to save space. And it works out of the box, requiring no installation. After-sales service for three years, you can rest assured to buy..

Price: $369.99

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