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CAROMA Treadmills Folding Electric 2.5 HP, Motorized Treadmill Walking & Running Fitness Machine, Cardio Training Compact Treadmill with 12 Preset Programs & LCD Monitor Ideal for Home/Office (Black)

[Functions Display]: The large LED multi-function display electric treadmill allows users to monitor their own exercise time, running speed, distance, and calories burned. During exercise, you can clearly see your performance and results at any time, and the design is adjustable to adapt to different speeds. Treadmill size: 52*24*52inch(L*W*H).. [12 Preset Training Modes]: The treadmill has 12 preset programs for weight loss, aerobic fitness and healthy endurance training. Multiple modes bring more choices for different exercise needs of more people and everyone, and better meet the exercise intensity of different periods. With 2.5 HP motor power, running area: 15.4x40.2inch, adjustable speed: 1.0-8.0 km/h.. [Space Save Design]: Folding treadmills can save space and are easy to store, burn more calories, tone more muscles, and enhance endurance. There are two rollers at the bottom of the running machine, which can be smoothly moved into/out of the limited space under the desk, sofa or bed. The treadmill is durable to use; maximum load weight of 220lbs/100kg.. [Low Noise & Safety Desigh]: There is a safety rope under the treadmill display. When running, you only need to fix the safety clip to your clothes to run normally. If you fall or drift on the treadmill dangerously, it will stop automatically. The cushioning design on both sides of the treadmill will reduce noise and reduce floor vibration, and provide you with the best exercise experience. With the easy-to-reach emergency stop switch, the treadmill can be stopped instantly in an emergency.. [Recreation & Sports]: When running on this treadmill, lower the speed appropriately, and you can put your phone/tablet on the holder to watch videos or chat with friends. 15.4 inches wide belt can provide the best pedaling effect, while providing enough space for walking, jogging and comfortable driving. Recreation and physical training are carried out at the same time, without delay to each other, your perfect treadmill..

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