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2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, Bobiber Folding Treadmill 265 lb Capacity 3.0 HP Widen Running Belt, Walking Pad with APP Control Remote Control for Home, Office (Silver-Gray)

【Wider Running Belt】 We want to provide extra space for running, making running safer and more comfortable, that is why we widen the running belt to 18.13 inches,which is one of the widest running belt.. 【Powerful 3.0HP Motor】With Upgraded and powerful 3.0 HP motor, our 2 in 1 under desk treadmill runs smoothly and quietly without disturbing your family and colleagues.. 【8 Intelligent Shock Absorption Technology】8 shock absorbers make your running more comfortable. More importantly, Bobiber Folding Treadmill provides cushioning for knee, muscle and joints.. 【Meet All Your needs】Treadmill with Silver-gray design makes it simple and modern . Led Display can easy to view your Speed, Distance, Step, Time, and Calories. You can connect APP via Bluetooth to check your exercise data, exercise tips, healthy diet recommendations,etc.. 【Stay Healthy】 Our 2 in 1 under desk treadmill offers a simple solution for keeping yourself in motion during the day and avoiding the serious health risks of a long-term sedentary lifestyle..

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