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Blukeen Adjustable Treadmill Desk Attachment - Large & Easy to Setup Treadmill Desk Workstation - Ergonomic Tablet & Laptop Holder - Fits Most Treadmills

RE-ENERGIZE YOUR DAY - With the new Blukeen treadmill desk workstation, it's now possible to burn calories while working, attending an online meeting or watching your favorite show. Every 10 minutes, you'll take 1,000 extra steps without even realizing it.. SETUP YOUR WORKSTATION IN 10 SECONDS - With our easy-to-attach treadmill laptop stand, you can turn your exercise machine into a walking desk to check your emails, write an article or read a book in a snap. You only need 10 seconds to install or remove it.. SPACIOUS & STRONG - Our desk for treadmill can carry up to 70 lbs and offers a spacious 34" by 12" platform that allows you to place a computer, a tablet, a mouse and a notepad without running out of space. With its 8 attachment points, it fits almost every treadmill on the market.. STABLE & SECURE - We know that your laptop is precious to you, that's why we use high quality straps and 4 anti-slip pads to fully secure the tray. This way you can concentrate on your work without worrying about the stability of your treadmill workstation.. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You can be 100% confident in your purchase. If the table doesn't fit your treadmill or if you aren't fully satisfied, we will give you a full refund, no question asked! Our rockstar support team is also available every day to answer your questions and concerns..

Price: $69.90

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