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Under Desk Treadmill Motorised Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control & LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation Free (Light Grey)

🏃[Mute Motor and Shock Absorption System]: Stable, ultra-quiet treadmill motor, durable steel frame constitutes the treadmill's shock absorption and noise reduction system, bring you comfortable running experience.. 🏃 [Remote Control Function]: You can use remote control to accelerate or decelerate speed while running or walking on the treadmill without looking at the screen. No need to stop and press the button.. 🏃[Comfortable running belt]: The running belt is made of 5 layers of polymer materials, which is soft and comfortable, bring you the same feeling as running on the grass.. 🏃 [LCD SCREEN]: HD LCD screen, freely switch 4 display situations: time, speed, calories and distance.. 🏃[Installation Free]: No need to install, with movable wheels, you can move it freely. Note: The carpet will affect the heat dissipation of the treadmill, please do not put the treadmill on the carpet mat and yoga mat..

Price: $199.99

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