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BESPORTBLE Indoor Electric Motorized Treadmill 3. 25HP Home Treadmill 0. 8-14. 8km/ h Slow Descent Foldable Treadmill with LCD for Home Office (US Plug)

Personalized service: 3. 25HP electric treadmill, adjustable from 0. 8- 14. 8km/ h to meet your fitness needs. Easily personalize your running and provide you with the best service.. LCD screen: A clear liquid crystal display that intuitively displays your distance, time and calories. The easy- to- operate control panel rationalizes the button layout. The clear text and icons reduce the possibility of misoperation.. Ensure safety: Equipped with an emergency stop device to ensure your safety. The wide running belt allows you not to fall easily while ensuring the amount of exercise.. Foldable treadmill: When not in use for a long time, loosen the knob to fold the electric treadmill, effectively saving your limited space.. Enjoy sports: 12 built- in programs to help you fully experience sports, there are trumpets on both sides. what are you waiting for? Just stand up and start running..

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