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BESPORTBLE Household Treadmill 3. 25Hp- Absorbing Folding Treadmill with LCD Display Electric Multifunctional Treadmill (US Plug)

- Material: The multifunctional electric treadmill is made of thick and high- quality materials. It performs well when running indoors and can be used for a long time.. - Foldability: Comes with all the tools needed to install or remove the folding treadmill, the size is compact after folding, and it is easy to store anywhere.. - LCD display: The control panel is easy to operate, and the LCD digital screen specifically displays data such as time, distance, calories, and heart rate.. - Complete accessories: equipped with phone holder, water cup holder, earphone jack, speaker, listening to music while running, watching videos without stress. The special silicone oil addition hole is very suitable for lubricating treadmills.. - Fun: 3. 25HP motor power, long service life, but low noise, allowing you to enjoy the fun of running at home..

Price: $449.99

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