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SAFE, TIGHT& DURABLE- The treadmill cover has interior bound seams for strength, high- density double stitching for durability. The provides rain protection to your treadmill equipment. Even warm temperatures with up to 578 °F can be covered- without any problems!. IDEALLY FOR INDOOR& OUTDOOR- Forget condensation, avoid the moisture or unwanted rust. The soft inner material protects from treadmill body scratches! High protection from adverse weather conditions- whether rain, snow, ice, wind, dust or sun!. EASY to USE& CLEAN- Open the zipper, Put the cover on the machine, Pull up the zipper and then Tighten the drawstring, nailed it! When the cover is dirty, you can rinse it directly with a tap, or soak it in cold water and then it dry.. WIDELY USE-- Except for treadmill, it can use for exercise bikes, weight bench, fitness equipment outdoor and indoor, and the cover also fits same shapes equipment smaller than the covers size. suitable for all year round and all weather use. can use for home, gym, patio, garden, anywhere for indoor and outside.. PROTECT YOUR TREADMILL FROM DUST, dirt, scratches and mist, extending the lifetime of your equipment. Just rinse it with water and the dirt will disappear quickly. Dry in the sun for next use..

Price: $38.00

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