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BESPORTBLE Folding Treadmill 3. 25HP Motorized Treadmill Functional Electric Running Machine with LCD Display Built- in 12 Programs

Comes with all tools you needed to setup or disassemble the folding treadmill, with compact size after folding, easy to store anywhere ( fast delivery from US ). With a non- slip- absorbing running belt has a spacious running area, which can provide you with a comfortable and effective exercise experience and help reduce knee and ankle injuries. 3. 25HP Motor Power 0. 8- 14. 8km/ h Range, experience the quality and powerful motor while feeling different running speeds. With an easy- to- operate control panel, no complicated operations required. The LCD digital screen displays TIME, DISTANCE, CALORIE, and HEART RATE specifically. Equipped with phone holder, water cup holder, headphone jack, speakers, there is no pressure to listen to music, watch TV or movies while running..

Price: $458.99

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