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BESPORTBLE Folding Treadmill 3. 25HP Electric with LCD Monitor Safety Key Motorized Treadmill Slow Descent Foldable Household Running Machine (US Plug)

Want to lose weight and burn calories at home? Want to have a slim body and a strong body? Then, you need an electric treadmill, whether you want to walk, run or jog, our treadmill is your companion.. If you dont have time to go to the gymnasium, then our folding treadmill will be a great choice for you to stay healthy at home or indoors.. The treadmill with a safety key can be turned off immediately to protect your safety in an emergency.. Widen the running platform and grab the handles on both sides to ensure safety during running. Can be used for running, walking, sit- ups, etc.. There is a large LCD display in the middle, you can control it by operating a simple control panel, it can control the, distance, calories, time, and can be displayed on the screen in time..

Price: $229.99

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