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BESPORTBLE Folding Portable Treadmill for Home Gym with LCD Display - Space Save Running Walking Jogging Exercise Fitness Machine

🏃‍♂️Multifunctional LCD Display: LCD window console display can quickly view your Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Monitor Your Heart Rate.It can help you make a perfect workout plan.One treadmill will be enjoyed by all family members.. 🏃‍♂️Comfortable Cushioning & Low Noise: With quiet powerful vacuum motor and 5 levels damping system, anti-slip anti-static lawn texture belt that absorbs impact and protects your knees and ankles provide you with a quiet and comfortable workout environment. Perfect for jogging, walking, running & cardio workout at home.. 🏃‍♂️Safety & Powerful: When running you can simply attach the safety clip to your clothes and run as normal, it will auto stop if you fall or drift back dangerously on the treadmill.The Handrail on both sides have with Hand Speed acceleration and decelerationand hand switch ON / OFF,ensures your safety when running.. 🏃‍♂️Foldable-Design: Foldable treadmill save your space and easy for storage and convenient transportation for easy mobility. Perfect size for home, dormitory, office and some small spaces.. 🏃‍♂️US fast deliver, arrive in 5-7 days. 95% of the Treadmill have been assembled, you neednt to pay extra to go to a Treadmill shop to assemble it..

Price: $469.99

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