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BESPORTBLE Electric Treadmill Folding Treadmill Home Sports LCD Screen Fitness Treadmill Mute Multifunctional Treadmill Fitness Expert Professional Treadmill for Dorm Home Office (Orange)

🏃 Size design: The size of this treadmill is 128 x 50 x 118 cm/ 53.4 x 19.7 x.4 inches ( extended size ); 128 x 60 cm/ 53.4 x 23.6 inches ( folded size ); unfolded size is 128 x 60 x 118cm; The running belt area is: 100x36cm; its foldable design saves space and is convenient to use and move.. 🏃 Performance: It has manual tilt and 12 kinds of internal intelligent exercise programs. You can monitor the real-time data of each movement through the LCD display, including heart rate, calories, time and speed, allowing you to fully exercise, and high-performance speakers can provide Clear stereo experience.. 🏃 New optimized design: motor peak power: 1.5HP; maximum load capacity: 100KGS; adjustable speed: 1-10 KM/H; with special holes for adding silicone oil to facilitate you to lubricate the treadmill.. 🏃 Equipped: This smart treadmill is equipped with an iPad/mobile phone stand, with an audio cable that supports MP3, Cup holders and transport wheels for easy transportation; the treadmill is also equipped with a safety key so that you can stop the treadmill at any time.. 🏆 US Stock Delivery within 3-5 Working Days..

Price: $299.99

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