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BESPORTBLE Electric Folding Treadmill with LED Display,3.25HP,12 Programs,Up 14.8km/h Home Motorized Treadmill Indoor Electric Treadmill for Home Gym Office

The clear LCD monitor can display the real-time data of each exercise, including time, calories and distance, and record the data for you every moment.. Our treadmill can choose different speeds on the treadmill according to your own physical condition and training needs. The running speed is 0.8 to 14.8 km / h, which can fully meet your personal needs.. With the help of electric motors and , the mute effect of this treadmill is amazing, so that you will not disturb your colleagues or family when you train again.. This treadmill is made of sturdy materials, with a maximum load of 110kg, so you can use it with confidence.. An excellent foldable fitness equipment that can be placed in your home, office or other indoor space without going to the gym or playground to help you exercise..

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