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BESPORTBLE 1. 5HP Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad Flat Slim Treadmill Remote Controller Jogging Running Machine with Smooth Moving Wheels for Home Office (US Plug)

Portable and convenient, no assembly required, no need to exercise outside at night or having to run out in cold winter. Just enjoy your safe and healthy workout at your home with our treadmill.. Come with a bottle of silicone lubricant to help the treadmill in good condition. Easy to operate the lubrication in accordance with the instruction manual.. Made of premium material with excellent workmanship, it features construction. Anti- skid pads design on both sides let you get full preparation before walking on the belt.. Controlled the LED screen or Remote Controller. Touch or press the button to start/ stop the machine, switch program/ countdown mode, adjust the/ time. Both touch control screen and remote controller watch are available.. Five different functional wear- resistant layers can enhance anti- skid and effective cushioning effect with durability..

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