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ANCHEER Treadmill Folding Treadmill for Home Electric Running Machine Installation-Free Walking Jogging Foldable Fitness Exercise Machine for Office & Gym Workout with 5” LED Display

📢Treadmill arrival time 2-3 days📢【1.5HP Ultra-Quiet Motor + 12 Preset Programs】The 1.5HP low-noise electric treadmill supports 0.5-6MPH adjustable speed requirements. While stably outputting surging power, it greatly reduces running noise and gives you a quiet and comfortable running experience. Built-in 12 preset programs, different exercise programs bring different exercise intensities, which can increase your heart rate and burn more fat in a short time.. 📢【5" LCD Display + iPad/Phone Placement Board】The foldable treadmill is equipped with a 5-inch smart display, through which you can accurately understand your calories, distance, time, speed, pulse, mode and other information, and exercise scientifically and efficiently ; Walking treadmill with iPad/Phone placement board to play music, movies, sports games, etc. to keep you entertained while running.. 📢【Comfortable Safety + Shock Absorption System】This portable treadmill converts the exercise energy in each area into heat energy or other energy, effectively reduces the resonance amplitude, isolates and decomposes the high-frequency impact force between the running board and the human body, So as to achieve the effect of shock absorption, effectively protect the sports joints, and make you more comfortable and safe.. 📢【Foldable Design + 90% Pre-assembled】Using hydraulic folding method, easy to fold, built-in transport wheels for easy movement, can be easily placed under the bed, corner or next to the sofa, saving more space. 90% pre-assembled, just follow the instructions to tighten the screws and start your workout.. 📢【Heart Rate Monitoring + Warranty Service】Home folding treadmill monitors your exercise heart rate in real time. Hold the handrail with both hands, let the heart rate board sense the pulse of the palm, observe the data at any time, and make running more scientific. We have a one year warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts service, you don't have to worry about after-sales problems..

Price: $259.99

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