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ACCPO Treadmill 300 LBS Capacity with Incline,Folding for Home Max 2.5 HP Electric Running and Walking Jogging Exercise LED Display,12 Preset Programs Machine Black

Quiet and Powerful Motor: Ultra-quiet electric treadmill with 0.6~7.5MPH adjustable speed. You can choose to adjust with regular speed as an indicator, or burn calories. The new generation of the upgraded silent system, running upstairs, quiet downstairs. Provides you with an excellent health and fitness treadmill running experience. 3 Gear Adjustable Incline : You can manually adjust the incline between 3 levels to meet your different running intensifies, giving you a super-intense workout that really works your leg muscles. A higher incline means burning more calories! A level 3 manual incline treadmill makes for more challenging training and is suitable for running, walking and other levels of exercise at home.. 12 Built-in Running Programs: Choose the rhythm you want within the range of 0.6-7.5MPH to accelerate your aerobic exercise, which will make your exercise fun, and the powerful motor can make your treadmill from 1 – 12 KM / H (0.6 to 7.5MPH) exercise can be adapted to a slight warm-up and brisk running within a few seconds. You can shut down this running machine immediately with the safety key on the control panel to avoid accidental injury.. Digital LCD Monitor and Foam Strip: Our screen displays time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate. You can see your exercise more visually. There are also 2 bottle holders next to the display screen to put your bottle. The foam grip is more comfortable, there are buttons on the left and right handrails, you can easily start/accelerate/decelerate/stop, and the portable treadmill has a built-in sensor that monitors your heart rate.. Easy to Assemble and Space Saving:Our treadmill is easy to assemble and space-saving, with most of the parts already assembled and a toolbox containing lubricants for easy maintenance. It can be folded up to save 60% of space and easily stored away, and there are rollers at the bottom for easy transportation.. Input power : 2.5 horsepower.

Price: $219.99

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